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«Le temps est toujours favorable
pour réclamer ce qui nous apparaît juste…»
(Journal de St-Bruno, le 16 juin 2007)

Who is Nicole Charbonneau Barron?

  • She has made her home in St-Bruno since 1987. She is very involved with her children’s school and social issues in her community.
  • She was a professional executive administrator for ten years and she learned and later taught high fashion tailoring.
  • Thirty-four years married, the couple adopted three and raised three children from the South-American country of Colombia.
  • Elected to council in 2005 she served the municipality of St-Bruno in the opposition until 2009.
  • Candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the district of  Saint-Bruno/Saint-Hubert for 2008 and 2011

«Le privilège de gouverner…
ne nous donne pas le droitd’ignorer l’opinion de ses résidants.»
(Journal de St-Bruno, le 7 avril 2007)

Moral convictions :

  • the protection of human life
  • family values
  • security and justice
  • enterprise and valorisation of work

«Les gens ne se fient plus
aux beaux programmes tout organisés,
aux belles promesses.»

(Les Versants, le 30 mars 2007)

Objectives :
If elected, her work will be:

  • to care for her ridding in all aspects;
  • to be at the service of and to listen to the needs of all of her constituents;
  • to participate actively in the political life of our country by proposing and supporting legislation for the good of our society and discussing and debating bills that have such possibility to affect the lives of us all.

«La première des qualités d’un député doit être sa liberté.
Celle-ci a un coût mais c’est à ce prix
que nous pouvons défendre au mieux
les intérêts du pays en toute indépendance»

Qualities :

Nicole Charbonneau Barron is an energetic woman with the ability to focus of issues. She will fight to make society safer, juster, more democratic and more humane.
In addition to her other qualities her transparency and directness are those that particularly stand out.
She does excellent research for her files with the result that she is always well able to defend her position.

«C’est un beau projet… mais quand on sait
que des gens ont de la difficulté à payer leurs taxes,
je suis vraiment perplexe…»
(Journal de St-Bruno, le 17 décembre 2008)

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